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Enrichment Programs

​Here are examples of some enrichment programs we have offered over the years.


We pair the background of our qualified and nurturing professionals with the interests of our students. We are committed to enriching the development of our students.


We have an open door policy and welcome parent visits. We encourage parents to set up a special time with their teacher to participate in or lead activities such as reading to children, cooking, cultural experiences,  science, art, music, or sharing occupations.

Process Art Lab

The Process Art Lab gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of art materials and flourish in the freedom to experiment with textures, tools and imagination. Our goal is not to produce a set product, but to set the mind free to create and express one's individuality.

What's unique about process art?

  • There are no step-by-step instructions or samples for children to follow; and no right or wrong way to explore and create.

  • The art is focused on the exprience and on exploration of techniques, tools, and materials.

  • The art is unique and original and entirely the children's own.

  • The experience is relaxing or calming and is completely the child's choice.


Cooking Class



In this course students get firsthand experience in the kitchen and are introduced to Mexican, Japanese, German, Mediterranean and  Italian cuisine. Students get hands-on in the kitchen and get to practice how to chop, mix, roll, press, stuff, stir, sift, bake, layer, fry, freeze, squeeze, knead and crank various foods.


Spanish Class

Students learn introductory Spanish in this five-week short course.

Each class includes general topics like numbers, colors and greetings and has a focused theme for each session. Spanish language learning comes alive through gestures, images, repitition, activities, read-alouds, and games. 

Top View of Kids Playing

Watercolor Painting



In this five session course, child will learn:

  • How to care for watercolor materials

  • A variety of watercolor painting techniques through creating a techniques sample sheet

  • Completing teacher-led projects using newly learned techniques

  • How to use pan, liquid and cream watercolors

  • That there are no mistakes in art - just lots of fun and exploration!

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