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Preschool Programs
& Tuition


Grace Preschool offers a developmentally appropriate, hands-on education in an amazing Christian environment. Our curriculum is designed to enhance the ability to communicate, to encourage positive self-image, to stimulate intellectual curiosity, and develop physical and social skills. Read more about our approach here.


Additional Services

2-3 Years Old

Must be 2 yrs. by August 27

Tues/Thurs ($407/month)​​

8:45 AM - 11:45 AM


​This 2-3 year old program is created as an introduction to an independent social setting. It is designed to give the child a gentle, protected environment that will allow them opportunities to try out their emerging social skills.


The teacher guides them to demonstrate appropriate behaviors while interacting with peers as they continue to develop their individual personalities. Children are introduced to the joys of school with games, stories, songs, and process art experiences using a wide variety of materials.


Potty training is not required. Our school provides diapering services for a fee. See information below.​

3-4 Years Old

Must be 3 yrs. by September 1st

 Mon/Wed/Fri ($565/month*) or Mon-Fri ($734/month)

8:45 AM - 11:45 AM


Our goal for the 3 year old class is to develop an increased confidence in their ability to do things for themselves and others. At this age, children also develop a great curiosity for the magic power of written and spoken language.


Grace provides a positive interactive experience fostering these progressing academic skills while considering  the child's individual creative expressions. Guided by the children's interests, we inevitably produce a platform for further discovery and exploration extensions on a wide variety of topics. This particular program has activities designed to further challenge cognitive skills and encourage children to master tasks which are developmentally appropriate for their physical and social development.

*This program is designed for children who WILL NOT be entering kindergarten next year.

4-5 Years Old Pre-Kindergarten

Must be 4 yrs. by September 1

4-day option ($693/month)

or  5-day  option ($786/month)

8:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed for children who will be old enough to enter kindergarten the following school year. These classes have curriculum designed specifically for students to discover the basic concepts necessary for life skills such as language and literacy, basic math readiness, and science exploration & discovery.


We also work on following step by step directions, improving focus & concentration, problem solving while finding solutions, partake in group work, continue to build both gross and fine-motor skill development, and learn how to demonstrate socially appropriate behavior within a classroom setting. This class has a greater depth of curriculum then our preschool courses. Number and Letter recognition guidelines necessary for Kindergarten will be met.

Summary of Tuition & Optional Add-On Fees

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