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Los Gatos Methodist Church


Grace Preschool sits on the grounds of the Los Gatos Methodist Church, which dates back to 1866. The Methodist Church was the first formal religious organization in town, and early services were held under a Live Oak tree.


Today we gather in our third sanctuary, which stands across from where that great oak tree lived for over 150 years.


Grace Preschool Campus


Grace Preschool focuses on the value of nature in childhood experiences and the potential of the outdoor playground to become an extension of the classroom for children to explore, create, discover, and learn. 


Our school pays careful consideration towards playground design, enhancing outside play and learning opportunities, teacher and parent education, curriculum planning, and daily routines that support active participation in the outdoor environment. The developmental aspects of art expression, the role of the environment, materials, and adult-child interaction in fostering and nurturing creative art expression are emphasized.

Sights from around Campus

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