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~ An excellent 1:5 teacher/child ratio (1:7 Pre-K) with small class sizes;

~ Outstanding facilities with inviting classrooms and a beautiful, safe, quiet play-yard;

~ The opportunity to experience concepts in all developmental areas (language arts, math, science, arts, etc.) through books, manipulatives, art,               music, movement, circle time and sensory experiences;

~ A curriculum designed to enhance the ability to communicate, to encourage a positive self image, to stimulate intellectual curiosity, to develop                 physical and social skills, and to increase spiritual awareness;

~ A positive learning environment that will create a strong foundation for life-long learning and success when starting kindergarten.



2.5 - 3 years old

( 2 .5 by September 1)

Tues/Thurs 8:45 am-11:45



​This two day program is created as an introduction to a social environment. It is designed to give the child a gentle, protected environment and to let them try out their emerging social skills. The teacher guides them in appropriate behavior while still letting them interact and develop their own personalities. Children are introduced to the joys of school with games, stories, and art experiences using a variety of materials. (Potty training is not required. Our school provides diapering services for a fee.)



4 - 5 years old Pre-kindergarten

(must be 4 by September 1)

 4 or 5 days 8:45 am-12:00

($666 or $756/month*)

Our Pre-k program is designed for children who will be old enough to enter kindergarten the following year. These children have programs designed specifically for them to discover concepts necessary for reading, writing, math, science, concentration, staying on task, following directions, large and small motor skill development and socially appropriate behavior in a class. This class has a greater depth of curriculum.

3 - 4 years old

(must be 3 by September 1)

Tues/Thursday  8:45 am-11:45


Mon/Wed/Fri   8:45 am-11:45 

($543/month*) or

Mon-Fri  8:45-11:45 ($706/month*)


Our goal for the 3-year-old class is to develop an increased confidence in their ability to do things for themselves and others; to develop a great curiosity for the magic power of written and spoken language; and to provide a positive experience with progressing skills and creative expressions to create a platform for further discovery. This program is designed for children who will not be entering kindergarten next year. The students have more activities designed to further challenge their cognitive skills and have tasks which will be developmentally appropriate for their physical and social developmental level.



Nut-free Campus


In order to protect those children with nut allergies, there is a ban on ALL NUT products. Grace Preschool is a nut-free campus.

Potty Training


Potty Training is provided at Grace Preschool. Our philosophy is that we understand that each child develops at different times. We support you in this and are happy to provide diapering services for those little ones whom are not quite ready. The cost is an additional $25 a month*, until the time your child is able to stay dry. If you would like, our trained staff will work with you and your child to help accomplish this goal. Please speak to your teacher for details.

Lunch Bunch


For a small fee of $20/day, we offer what we call "Lunch Bunch." It is an optional extended hours lunch program from 11:45-1:30pm, Monday-Friday during the school year.  Children will also be able to participate in an additional activity during this time. Arts & Crafts, Science & Sensory, etc.

Enrichment Classes

For an additional fee, we offer after school enrichment opportunities such as coding, Spanish, Watercolor painting and more.  Children will eat a lunch (brought from home), and discuss the group plan for the days activities.  More information will be provided before each course is open for sign-ups.

Summer Camp 


We offer a summer camp program in the months of June and July to students currently enrolled and those set to start in the Fall. It runs week to week and your child may attend four days each week (Mon-Thur). Please stop by the preschool office to pick up registration forms beginning in March.  Your child must be potty-trained to attend summer camp.


Examples of weekly themes are: Community Helpers Week,  Beach Week, Dinosaur Week, Jungle Week, and Space Week.

Los Gatos United Methodist Church's Influence

We celebrate all the Christian holidays and the children learn about their significance.   On a more regular basis, once or twice per month the children attend "Chapel," a small group environment with Jonnye Cartmill.  We teach the children a story of kindness, friendship or other positive qualities, sing a song or talk about one of the holidays approaching. At snack time, the children learn a meal prayer of thanks, and recite daily.



* Rates reflect the 2023-2024 school year .

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