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Welcome to Grace Preschool


​Grace Preschool is a mission project of the Los Gatos United Methodist Church. We believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child and all children are equally treasured without regard to color, race, creed, religion or national origin.


Grace Preschool Works in Partnership with

Los Gatos United Methodist Church


LGUMC has chosen to play a vital role in helping to shape the child and the future by providing a safe, loving environment where preschoolers’ natural curiosity for learning can thrive and grow.


We are dedicated to providing an engaging and stimulating hands-on experience for the children of Grace Preschool. In all activities, we emphasize the process of discovery.


A Grace Preschool Education

Is Well Rounded


The program aims to enhance our student's ability to communicate, develop of a positive self-image, develop social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills, increase their spiritual awareness, and savor childhood through time for good old fashion play!


  • Small class sizes with an excellent 1:5 teacher:child ratio.

  • Classrooms set under mature oak trees, with inviting classrooms and a beautiful, safe, quiet play-yard.

  • The opportunity to experience concepts in all areas (language arts, math, science, arts, etc.) through books, manipulatives, art, music, movement, circle time and sensory experiences.

  • A positive learning environment that will create a strong foundation for life-long learning and success when starting kindergarten.

(408) 354-7163


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We Foster Your Child's Connection to Faith

We celebrate all of the Christian holidays and our students learn about their significance.


On a more regular basis, once or twice per month, the children attend "Chapel". This is a small group time with Jonnye Cartmill, our Children's Ministry's lead. During Chapel time, we teach the children virtues like kindness, compassion, friendship and other positive qualities. We use this time to sing songs, read stories, or talk about one of the special holidays approaching. At snack time, the children will learn and recite a meal prayer of thanks.

(408) 354-7163


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