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On this page we share Grace Preschool's approach to Pre-K and why parents opt to keep their children in our program until the start of Kindergarten.

As You Explore Pre-Kindergarten Programs, Consider the Following:


What is the student:teacher ratio?

How is teacher:parent communication handled?



  • What is the daily schedule?

  • How log are the required periods of sitting/full attention on teacher led activities/learning?

  • How much choice/autonomy are students given?

  • How much outside free play is given?

  • How much of the day is devoted to self-help/social-emotional learning?



  • What is the curriculum used?

  • Is Pre-K a "lightweight" version of the Kindergarten curriculum? 

  • Are there any enrichment activities offered?


  • How do you handle conflict resolution?

  • How is classroom management dealt with?

  • How is "off-track" behavior handled?

  • How are separation challenges handled?

  • Is there a rewards-punishment based management system?

Grace Preschool's Approach

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